I use vim/neovim to edit and search my wiki. The following map in my nvim_init (and vimrc) allows to open wiki's Home.md file in the first tab while editing any file by using <leader>hh:

" open wiki
nmap <silent> <leader>hh 
    \ :tabnew<CR>
    \ :tabm0<CR>
    \ :e ~/projects/wiki/Home.md<CR>
    \ :lcd %:p:h<CR>

The local directory for that tab is set to the file path so that I could easily do search using vimgrep, for example.

Useful plugins

For navigating wiki links, I use wikilink plugin. It allows to go to the corresponding file by hitting Enter while positioned on top of the link. If the file does not exist, it creates corresponding Markdown file.

open-browser.vim plugin is also useful for navigating external links that I put in the notes.


I use custom Python script that converts Markdown files to HTML that are published online at Netlify. I should publish that script on Github at some time.